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What’s the number one time management problem that people experience?

Based on our in-house clients and public seminars to date, interruptions is the number one time management problem that most people experience. That’s probably not too surprising since we have so many ways of being interrupted – email, cell phone calls, text messages, voice mail, faxes, paperwork, drop-ins, and of course, self-interruptions . When I refer […]

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Where are you focusing your attention?

Can technology actually waste time? Regardless of what people may say about their priorities and what they value most, it is where they focus their attention that reveals whether they are really ‘walking their talk.’ Whether inadvertently or not, the Internet and social media such as Twitter and Facebook may be consuming their lives, where […]

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Poor memory or attention problem?

Is it poor memory or simply poor memory skills? Some of us have poor powers of observation. We may be uninvolved, passive, and inattentive or distracted, day dreaming or preoccupied with other things. We could be short-changed in a store and not even notice it. We could glance at our watch and still not be […]

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Go ahead and worry a little

Most people would probably prefer a worry-free life. With little to worry about, we would reduce anxiety and stress, improve our relationships with others, sleep better, live happier, and increase our personal productivity. Worry normally refers to having negative thoughts about a future event that may or may not happen. We all know that worry […]

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