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Managing your brain, part 8

  Develop goal-directed persistence. The brain develops gradually, and continues to build neural connections throughout our lifetime. A person’s “executive skills” take from 18 to 20 years to develop. The executive skills are mainly located in the prefrontal cortex, and are the last areas of the brain to develop in late adolescence or early adulthood.  […]

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Managing your brain, part 7

Avoiding perfectionism. Perfectionism is said to be the desire and the self-imposed expectation to achieve the highest level of performance. So for some people, nothing less than perfect is acceptable. But perfect cannot really be defined; because most things can always be made better, whether it is an article you are writing, a training program […]

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Managing your brain, part 6

Developing willpower There are different theories on willpower. Originally it was thought that willpower was like a muscle that was easily depleted. And research backed this up. But newer research also suggests we have as much willpower as we expect we have. If you believe you have the willpower to resist interruptions, you will have […]

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