Personal Organization Self-Analysis Quiz & Getting Organized Action Plan




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Determine how organized your staff members, workshop participants or clients really are and identify any weak areas with this 6-page training instrument. These participative, results-oriented personal organization training instruments are for use in your own coaching sessions or workshops.

The Personal Organization Self-Analysis Quiz.
This 6-page instrument will determine your current level of organization in the following eight key areas: goal-setting & prioritizing, planning & scheduling, writing things down, procrastination, packrat syndrome, organization of work area, work habits, and tyranny of the urgent. Plotting your results on a scoring wheel shows pictorially where you need to make changes. Ideal for both individual assessment or as a training tool in groups. Suggested action ideas can be obtained from the Getting Organized Action Plan sold separately. Take the Quiz every few months, implementing ideas from the Action Plan (sold separately) in between and watch your score improve as you become better at managing your time.

Participants rate themselves in the eight key areas of personal organization by indicating whether the 120 statements are true, partly true or false. Answers are assigned a point value, totaled, and plotted on a scoring wheel. A scoring key indicates their current level of organization or disorganization.

Getting Organized Action Plan
This 6-page instrument lists 120 practical ways to get organized and save time. The time management ideas are divided into the eight sections described in the Getting Organized Quiz. Check off those ideas that you feel will work for you and systematically put them into practice. After putting many of these ideas into practice, you can take the Self-Analysis Quiz again to see how your score has improved. Repeating this process will provide constant feedback on your progress.

These two instruments, designed by Harold Taylor, are currently being used by many companies, banks, and consulting firms for internal staff training. They may be used separately or together, individually or in groups.


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