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Listen to the program at your convenience at any time of the day or night. Simply download the audio recordings of Harold Taylor’s presentations, and follow along with the accompanying student notes.

A time management course in MP3 format divided into five modules that include the following areas of concern for people from all walks of life: getting the important things done, procrastination and other self-defeating behaviors, email, stress, and life balance. Based on Harold Taylor’s popular as a teleseminar series, the self-study program provides a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of time and life management. It is ideal for those who have had little formal training in time management, those who wish to update or expand their knowledge in the areas covered, and those looking for additional information to pass on to their staff or clients in workshops or one-on-one coaching.

This program includes a PDF copy of the book, Making Time Work for You (2011 edition) for reference, 54 pages of student notes and five lectures by Harold Taylor on MP3s. The five modules are described below.

You can listen to the intro below:

Module 1. Getting the important things done
A mini-course in effective time management. This session discusses the importance of vision, goals and scheduling in converting “To Do” lists into “Now done” lists. It provides practical advice for drawing up goals, identifying the priorities, scheduling projects and tasks, and protecting that time from others. The effective use of a planner and principles of scheduling are covered, as well as some tips on applying time management techniques to your personal life away from the job.

Module 2. Alleviating the time problems
Dealing with the barriers to personal productivity. This session explains how you can reduce self-defeating behaviors such as procrastination, perfectionism and the inability to say no. Suggestions are also given for reducing interruptions, dealing with rush jobs, shaving time from meetings, managing the telephone and maintaining focus. The major time problems common to most people is discussed.

Module 3. Managing email
How to cut email time in half. Email has replaced the telephone as the most frequently used communication tool and consumes as much as three hours per day of an information worker’s time. This session will discuss the writing, sending and receiving of email messages from a standpoint of communicating effectively in less time. It also provides shortcuts that can shave hours off the time spent on email each week, and provides suggestions for getting rid of the backlog, keeping the inbox empty, filing effectively, and preventing email from infringing on personal time.

Module 4. Managing Stress
Coping with stress on and off the job. Stress is on the increase. Technology, change, time demands and deadlines combine to create a hectic work environment that negatively impacts both your productivity and well-being. This one-hour session discusses the causes, symptoms and implications of harmful stress, and suggests ways of avoiding distress, building stress resistance into your life, and developing a lifestyle that will make stressful situations work for you rather than against you.

Module 5. Life Balance
Preventing work from spilling into your personal life. Are your evenings and weekends being invaded by your full time job? Are electronic communications such as cell phones and email displacing valuable time with your family and friends? It’s time to reclaim your weekends without decreasing your effectiveness at work. This session will show you how to balance work and personal time, remain effective at your job, and gain control of your life.

Available for immediate download


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