Time Management Strategies for an ADHD World


One out of three college students and employees surveyed believe the Internet is as important as air, water, food, and shelter according to a 2011 Cisco survey. 27% of college students say that staying updated on Facebook is more important than partying, dating, listening to music or hanging out with friends.

The younger generation seem to thrive on electrons while older people tend to shun video games in favor of playing golf with real people on real turf in real time. They prefer the warmth of a real hug over as an electronic emoticon, and the thrill of ripping open a real letter or a greeting card made of old-fashioned paper over e-mail messages and e-cards.

Harold Taylor suggests that the increase in ADHD during a time when there is a rapid increase in technology is no coincidence, and that merging paperwork and high-tech is not only possible but desirable. Drawing on the latest research on both ADHD and the functioning of the brain, and merging it with his own experiences with the various time management strategies, Harold suggests how those with ADHD traits (who he claims includes all of us) can still be effective in this digital age of speed.


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