Time management strategies for people with ADHD / ADD

The ADHD-friendly planner

The Taylor Planner introduces structure into an ADDer’s life and makes it easier to plan, schedule and focus. Developed over 25 years ago by time management consultant Harold Taylor for clients who struggled with time management related issues such as lack of focus, disorganization, procrastination and forgetfulness, the planner was life- tested by one of his sons through public school, high school, university and in business. It is now used by thousands of individuals from all walks of life to keep them on track. >> Buy it now!


The planner displays an entire week at a glance (7 days) in 15-minute increments from early morning until late evening. It contains a weekly “Action List” of things to be done and space each day to block off time to work on the important tasks. Working in chunks of time rather than marathon work sessions makes it easier to maintain focus and avoid distractions. Writing everything down, including things to do, appointments, morning, evening and weekend commitments, follow-ups and reminders makes it difficult to forget anything. There are sections for goals, important contacts, assignments and due dates as well as plenty of space for personal notes, facts and figures.

Blocking off time to work on specific projects a little at a time avoids procrastination. Marking the time you have to leave for an appointment prevents lateness. Notes in the daily “Follow-up” section remind you to check up on things asked for previously. You also have a permanent record of what you have accomplished. >>Take a look inside the planner.

The suggestions at the front of the planner include using colored self-adhesive labels to flag birthdays and other special events as well as yellow sticky notes for those urgent items you can’t afford to overlook.


You have a choice of covers, including a deluxe leather zippered case, which will also house your paperwork, flash cards, PDA, smart phone and other items. The Taylor Planner is not available in stores or other outlets. You can order it online at www.taylorintime.com or by calling 1-800-361-8463. >>Buy it now!



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