God-Centered Time Management (Paperback)


WINNER: The Word Guild, Best Instructional Non-Fiction Book 2022

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WINNER: The Word Guild, Best Instructional Non-Fiction Book 2022

book guild seal

If you want to manage time, ask the One who created it.

Time management does not just involve getting more things done in less time. It must get more of the right things done for the right reasons. What better reason than to glorify God. And God does not expect you to get more of these things done than he has given you time to complete.

Most books point out that you cannot slow time, or stop it, or save it, or stretch it, and so on. Certainly, neither you nor I can do it. But with the Creator of time, all things are possible. Do not expect God to cause time to stand still while you get all your work done, as he did for Joshua and the Israelites in Joshua 10. But if you spend some of that precious, non-renewable resource called “time” reading and listening to God’s word - and not just listening to the word, but doing what it says, you will be blessed. (James 1: 22 to 25)

Follow Harold’s lead as he shares in this book, not only what he has personally learned through 45 years of experience, but what he has learned from God’s word as well. Where there is a conflict between the two, he has accepted the inerrant word of God.

1 Mastering life with the Master of life...7
Defining time management
One Christian’s definition of time management
Being productive glorifies God
Both time and work were created by God
Observing the Sabbath is obeying god’s will
The 7-day week was created by God. Do not mess
with it
Pause for a minute and take a deep breath

2 Set your own boundaries...19
Protecting your time
Decide how you want to be treated
“No” is a little word with a big impact
Examples of saying no

3 Making good use of your time...31
What is more important, efficiency or effectiveness?
Efficiency vs effectiveness
Be sensitive to God’s leading

4 Avoiding the tyranny of the urgent...37
Getting the right things done
Interruptions, or opportunities in disguise?
Not all interruptions are created equal
Leave space in your life

5 The 90-minute rule of scheduling...45
Working on your priorities
Beware of marathon work sessions
The “science” behind 90 minutes
The role of to do lists

6 Increasing personal productivity...57
Get in sync with your body’s rhythm
For maximum performance, follow your biological
How your circadian rhythm works
When people are most productive
Skipping sleep is a productivity killer

7 In search of order...67
We were created in an orderly way
Disorganized? blame it on your brain
Organize your tasks
Do you really need a “junk” drawer?
A time to be messy
Keep your brain healthy

8 The tyranny of clutter...81
A modern-day parable
Don’t let your garage be a victim of overflow
Stuff and the pursuit of happiness
Clutter takes many forms
When buying, your brain has a mind of its own
What possesses us to possess so much?
Memories consume little space

9 Manage your energy, not just time...95
Energy is a renewable resource
Forming habits conserves energy
Sunlight – the most distant source of energy
Let it shine on your work and your work will shine
Exercise your body and brain for greater energy

10 Delegation, the greatest time saver...103
Who was the first to delegate?
Span of control
The limits of delegation
Biblical principles of delegation
Advice for the delegatee

11 Avoid perfectionism...113
What is perfectionism?
Overcoming perfectionism
Know when enough is enough
Budget your time
Tips for perfectionists

12 Godly suggestions for managing time...123
How do you start your day?
Prioritize your day
Hurry up and slow down!
Maintain a positive attitude
Wherever you are, be there
Time flies. But God is the pilot
Glorify God through your work