What do highly successful people have in common?

They Read. A Lot.

Harold Taylor has written over 25 ebooks that are designed to be read fast! Averaging 50 pages long these books are great to read on a train or a plane or while eating your lunch, you will get valuable information to make you more effective and productive. Check them out, for free!

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Develop a Goal-Setting Mindset

Develop a Goal-Setting Mindset

Goal-setting simplified. The process is easy since we are all goal-oriented by nature. This book shows you how.
Project management for entrepreneurs

Project Management for Entrepreneurs

In this practical book, time management authority and entrepreneur Harold Taylor will take you through a simplified five-step project management process using forms he has developed for this purpose.
Procrastinate less & get more done

Procrastinate Less & Get More Done

95% of people admit that they procrastinate, and it is impossible to stop completely; but by simply reducing procrastination, they can greatly increase personal productivity.

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Principles of scheduling.

Principles of scheduling.

In the last article, I discussed how you can get the important things done in a timely manner by scheduling those tasks and activities directly into your planner and using the “To do” list section of your planner for the less important activities. In this article, I...

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