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Holistic Time Management

The Best Things in Life are Free from Technology: A case for holistic time management. A heading of an article in the May 17, 2012 issue of the Toronto Star caught my attention – “Outsourcing Life.” It’s true. We’re outsourcing all the enjoyable, time-consuming things that make us distinctively human – so we can free […]

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Goal-Directed Persistence

Goal-directed persistence is another important executive function skill. It is the ability to have a goal and follow through until its completion. If you are strong in this skill, you have a good record of achieving goals that you set. You are steady, persistent and reliable, and seldom let setbacks or obstacles prevent you from […]

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Harold Taylor - time management expert

Do You Have Time for Time Management?

Time management and organization are usually treated as two separate skills, but they are so closely related I will discuss them both together. Organization is the ability to arrange according to a system. If you are neat, detailed and orderly, generally have a place for everything, and have no trouble keeping track of everything, you […]

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