Publicity & Promotion on a Shoestring




Publicity and promotion on a shoestring – a special report by Harold L Taylor

This is a 30 page special report on how to promote your company, your product, your services, or yourself. This report includes over 100 quick tips for marketing your products or services for little or no monetary investment.
The report includes up-to-date research on why people buy, how they make decisions, and how sellers can take advantage of these findings regardless of the business that they are in.
All of the suggestions and ideas are aimed at entrepreneurs with limited budgets for paid advertising. It includes how to get free exposure and publicity through articles, news releases, networking, presentations, social media, electronic newsletters, email, and much more.
Most of the suggestions are based on the writer’s personal experiences over 40 years of entrepreneurship, which includes website and direct sales, publishing and writing, training and public speaking, and management consulting. Regardless of your personal area of expertise or business involvement, there’s something in this special report for you.


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