If you want to succeed you need to unplug

In this age of stress where 96% of leaders interviewed say they feel burned out, and sleep, exercise and proper diet take a backseat to 24/7 connectivity and busyness, a new concept of success is emerging.
The new success still includes the acquisition of wealth and power, but not at the expense of health and well-being. In fact scientists have proven that both efficiency and effectiveness decreases as we attempt to achieve more through ill-conceived strategies such as multitasking and expanded work hours.
The new strategy for success in all areas of life include mindfulness and meditation, empathy and compassion, rest and recreation, purpose and balance, health and well-being, and the constant care and feeding of body mind and spirit.
Everyone does not subscribe to all of these strategies, but as more and more successful individuals attest to their experiences in climbing the ladder of success, the more people are moved or motivated to make life-enhancing changes to their own careers and lifestyles. I’m referring to such books as Thrive: the third metric to be defining success in creating a life of well-being, wisdom and wonder, by Arianne Huffington, cofounder and President of the Huffington Post Media Group, and My stroke of insight, by Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist. Both authors went through life-changing experiences.
As we age, we seem to be more open to concepts such as living our eulogy rather than our resume, the power of our mind to heal as well as innovate, and the productivity and health advantages of working with nature and not against it.
Unfortunately many of us die before the reality of holistic living hits home. We die with our boots on – or more accurately, with our iPhones activated.
But we can learn from others and our own experiences if we can pause long enough to let their lessons sink in. This requires awareness on our part – mindfulness, if you will.
This is my purpose in writing these blog articles – to help people become aware of the vastness of the resources available to us all, not only from within our body, mind and spirit, but from our environment, other inhabitants of this earth, and beyond.