Priority Pad
What does a day’s work consist of?
A weakness of all planning calendars, whether hard copy or electronic, is that they allow you to schedule and list more work than you can possibly get done in a week. We probably all know that we should not attempt more than a day’s work in any given day; because to do a so causes anxiety and stress and makes us more vulnerable to distractions and inattentiveness. And when you have more to do in a week than you can possibly get done, priorities frequently take a back seat to quantity as you attempt to get as many things done as possible.
One solution to the problem would be to take one day at a time, listing only those priorities and urgent items that could reasonably be done in a day. However it is difficult to know what comprises a day’s work.
When determining a day’s work, take into consideration the length of your working day, the interruptions that you anticipate, and the type of activities you will be involved in – and always allow up to 50% more time that you estimate your activities will take.
The Daily Priority Pad helps you to limit to the essential priorities, important tasks and urgent activities to those that can be done in one day. This one-day-at-a-time approach allows greater focus, facilitates the changing priorities that occur during the week, help us to quickly learn from experience what a day’s work really is, and frees your mind from those items that need only be addressed at a later date.
It can be used either in conjunction with or independent of an annual planner. When used with an annual planner, such as the Taylor Planner or an electronic device with a week at a glance format, each page in the Daily Priority Pad is the day’s action plan distilled from the broader weekly plan outlined in your planner.
When used independently, normally by those individuals unable to realistically schedule activities as far as a week in advance, it replaces the annual planner.
This short range planning tool is needed in today’s working environment where the time between planning and action is becoming shorter each year, and in which the choices available to us are increasing exponentially.
The Daily Priority Pad retains the priority and “to do” sections of the Taylor Planner, while limiting scheduled activities to a few appointments – either with others or yourself, and provides a “Notes” section for a limited amount information  or journaling. The Daily Priority Pads can be viewed and ordered at our website home page,