Balance has its rewards. It reduces stress and provides greater intrinsic rewards, such as a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. A survey of 2500 male and female senior executives by the Families Work Institute and the Boston College Center for Work & Family showed that executives who give equal weight to work and personal life feel more successful at work, are less stressed, and have an easier time managing the demands of their work and personal lives.
As Richard a Swenson says in his book In search of balance, “Balance is not the panacea and it cannot work miracles. But balance can help people sustain in the midst of stress and overload by keeping the highs and lows from swinging wildly.”
Thom and Art Rainer, in their book Simple life, described a survey they conducted of 1,077 individuals, most of who still had children living at home. The individuals were asked what they needed to happen in their lives for greater fulfilment. The majority of the answers revolved around simplicity and work balance, including time for the things in their lives that really mattered, and having better and closer relationships with others.
Employers also benefit from having employees who are able to effectively balance the demands of work and their personal/family life. They have more motivated employees, reduced turnover, and improved staff morale, among other things.
To balance your life you have to examine your personal values. What is really important in your life? Build in the time for what is most important to you. It’s important that you allocate your time properly. You could keep track of your daily activities for a few weeks to find out how much time you are spending on the different activities.
As Arianna Huffington, writing in her 2014 book, Thrive, commented, “It was very liberating to realize that I could ‘complete’ a project by simply dropping it – by eliminating it from my to-do list.”
You can’t do everything. Life balance is the process of working at all the significant areas of your life – such as work, family, social, personal and spiritual – so you can enjoy life and fulfill all these roles without experiencing undue stress. You can be a good parent, spouse, friend, and boss, with a healthy outlook, healthy body, and healthy mind. But you can’t always be great in every area. You have to choose the significant areas, and you have to choose how much time you will dedicate to each.
Life balance is a matter of making wise choices.