How to live longer

Life expectancy in America has increased by about 30 years in the last century – primarily through medical advances, senior care improvements and decreased infant mortality. Any further increases in life expectancy will be mostly up to the individual and will require self-discipline, self-control and the development of a healthy lifestyle.
We can no longer depend on science and technology to keep us living longer and healthier. We must form the habits of daily exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep among other lifestyle changes such as stress reduction, and moderation in the use of alcohol, coffee and other stimulants.
According to an article in the March/April, 2015 issue of Psychology Today, titled “Tinkering with mortality,” even if cancer, heart disease and stroke were eliminated, life expectancy would only increase by about 10 years. We would still have to wrestle with the diseases which are at least partially caused by lifestyles that we are either unwilling or unable to change.
Holistic time management, which encompasses lifestyle issues that affect body, mind and spirit, is essential if we are to be the benefactors of any further major increases in longevity. Holistic time management’s purpose is to help you live a longer, healthier, happier and more productive life.
Traditional time management strategies such as goal setting, planning and scheduling will remain the same; but the focus, priorities and activities to which these strategies are directed will have to be modified.
Our top priority must become health. We must focus on health-generating activities on an on-going, daily basis, and our schedules should include such things as exercise, meditation, naps or rest periods, adequate time for breakfasts, vacations and other healthy activities that might otherwise be crowded out of our day.
We must replace self-destructive habits, such as excessive TV watching, 24/7 conductivity, eating on the run, multitasking and munching fast foods with habits more conducive to a healthy, balanced life.