Holistic TimeAs a way of introducing holistic time management, I’ll start by saying that time management is a lifetime journey, not an event. Time management is on a continuum – just like health and a lot of other things. For example, when most people think of their health they think they are either sick or healthy. But just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy.
Health is on a continuum. If you drew a straight line from the left of the page to the right of the page, at the extreme left you could mark “sick” and on extreme right you could mark “healthy.” In the middle of the line would be the notation, “not sick.” The majority of people are probably in this “not sick” area.
As I see it, organization and time management are on continuums as well. If you drew that same line from the left side of the page to the right side of the page, on extreme left you would be disorganized, inefficient, ineffective, and unproductive. On extreme right you would be very organized, very efficient, very effective, and very productive. In the middle of that line you would be “not disorganized”, “not inefficient”, “not ineffective, and “not unproductive.”
And you do need traditional time management ideas to get you to this mid-point – and perhaps even further along the continuum. But you need holistic time management to take you to the far right, where you are not just surviving but are thriving.
What makes you excel at being productive and maximizing your results is the holistic approach to time management — those things that also impact body mind and spirit.
Longevity is more important than efficiency, even from the standpoint of traditional time management. Sure you can do things faster and better and save ten minutes here and ten minutes there and may eventually even get the equivalent of two more full years of work done in your lifetime. But wouldn’t it make more sense to simply live two years longer? You could still maintain your current level of efficiency and not only get as much work done, you would also have two extra years in which to enjoy whatever life had to offer.
Holistic time management includes the strategies necessary to lead a happier, healthier, longer, more productive & fulfilling life. I have ebooks on holistic time management at the www.Taylorintime,com website.